Casa Nadina

Casa Nadina , which means house of hope, is the family home in Ghimbav. This is the house where we, Danny en Rianne, live with our (foster)children.

Growing up in large Romanian state care centers leaves many children hopeless. No hope to be loved and cherished, to be seen and heard, no hope for a family, to be accepted and no hope for the future.

It is our goal that “Casa Nadina” will be a place where children are being loved and cherished, where they can be themselves, as an unique individual. A place where they are seen and heard and where they experience what being part of a family really means. In this safe environment we want to provide the necessary care and support to guide them to an independence future.

We hopen te gaan zien dat Casa Nadina een concept zal zijn voor ‘gezinshuizen’ in Roemenië. We geloven dat het opnemen van een kind in een veilig, stabiel en liefdevol gezin, met ouders die sensitief betrokken zijn in de levens van de kinderen, een positieve uitwerking heeft.

At this moment, with 3 foster children our Casa Nadina is full. Our goal is to provide a home to six children from the shelters. To make this possible, the house needs to be remodeled and extended.

The Obed Foundation, since November 2019 the owner of the family home, will help with the remodeling and extension of the family home. More information on the acquisition, remodeling and extension can be found on the website of the Obed Foundation