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March 19, 2021
Part 1 cycling route Ghimbav (RO) – Gyula (HU) – Day 1-5
March 19, 2021
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little boy looking out the window holding his hand over the glass, back view

In Romania today, thousands of “abandoned” children live in state care centers, growing up without parents and relatives because in many cases there is no longer any contact with their biological family. Most children are forced to move to another shelter several times in their early lives.

Seeing these children alone in the world moves us deeply. That is why Casa Nadina was set up. In Casa Nadina abandoned children are given a loving family and a safe home.

And just for this, this bike tour! Because we really want to give more children a home in Casa Nadina!

Casa Nadina is a project of the Obed foundation. 

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