About us

We are Danny and Rianne Kommer, since February 2014 are we, together with our children, living in the little town of Ghimbav in Romania, with the mission to provide a safe home to Romanian children that have been abandoned by their parents.

Abandoned children…? We stayed in the Romanian town of Targu Mures for a couple of weeks in December 2011, at that moment we followed a discipleship training school organized by Youth with a Mission. We visited a hospital in a nearby village where we spent some time with the children of one of  the sections. We then discovered that the children at this section were abandoned by their parents.

That morning at the Children’s Hospital changed our life. We were deeply touched by the many small children, many of them longing for attention. We held them in our arms, they clenched themselves to us not knowing when they would be held again. Other children were shy, frightened and alone. From this morning at the Children’s Hospital the idea started to grow in our hearts to open a house for abandoned children in Romania.

Our faith in God motivates us, we believe that He touched our hearts to care for these children. This has led us to leave the Netherlands in 2014 together with our son David and move to Romania. In September 2014 our son Benjamin was born and in February 2017 our family was enriched with our daughter Emily-Joy.

In December 2015 the family house ‘Casa Nadina’ was established. Next to our three biological children we are currently taking care of three foster kids. Our near-term goal is to provide care to six abandoned children.

Besides taking care of kids in our family home, it is our wish to be an inspiration for the people around us, to inspire them to take care of the abandoned children, and to provide support where necessary. This can be done in various ways, for instance visiting babies, children and teenagers in the hospitals and orphanages or by taking in a child through foster care, the start of a family home, or organizing vacations/camps for the children from the orphanages.

The European union pushes Romania to close the large state care centers and to promote smaller shelters, a good development which we fully support.

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